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The system that revolutionised speed and agility training, now in its second edition. Gamespeed gets to the core of how speed and agility are applied directly in the context of the game. It will not only provide athletes with increased speed and agility, but, more importantly, with the ability to use these tools effectively in each and every game. Gamespeed is the future of movement training.

“For decades the warm-up has been the greatest physical development opportunity we haven’t tapped–until now. Written by one of the most influential thinkers in human performance, The Warm-Up will change the way you think about the first 15 minutes of training forever.”

Nick Winkelman, PhD —Head of Athletic Performance and Science for Irish Rugby Football Union

Latest Article and Editorial

This book takes a radically different approach to the challenge of coaching in strength and conditioning. In doing so, it addresses many of the paradoxes of strength and conditioning, providing new perspectives that shed light on to the many questions that challenge coaches.

The book is essential reading for anyone wishing to pursue a career as a strength and conditioning coach, acting essentially as a prequel to the many scientific and applied texts in the field. It will also appeal to more experienced coaches providing a wider perspective on the challenges they face and providing potential solutions not traditionally considered.

An effective strength and conditioning program is an essential component of the preparation of any athlete or sportsperson. Strength and Conditioning for Sports Performance is a comprehensive and authoritative introduction to the theory and practice of strength and conditioning, providing students, coaches and athletes with everything they need to design and implement effective training programs.

Revised and updated for a second edition, the book continues to include clear and rigorous explanations of the core science underpinning strength and conditioning techniques and give detailed, step-by-step guides to all key training methodologies, including training for strength, speed, endurance, flexibility and plyometrics. The second edition expands on the opening coaching section as well as introducing an entirely new section on current training methods which includes examining skill acquisition and motor learning. Throughout the book the focus is on the coaching process, with every chapter highlighting the application of strength and conditioning techniques in everyday coaching situations.

The world’s most popular sport is also one of the most demanding. Stronger, smarter, and more agile players have increased the intensity and tempo of the game. Success hinges on the ability to read, react, and execute. For individual players and teams alike, speed is a necessity.

Soccer Speed is a groundbreaking work—more than a training guide, but an all-encompassing execution plan for success in today’s aggressive, attacking, and fast-paced game.

Every aspect of the game is covered, including step-by-step instruction and drills for developing technical and tactical speed in passing, receiving, dribbling, scoring, counterattacking, and defending. Soccer Speed is the one and only guide for outpacing, outsmarting, and outplaying the opposition.

Part of the NSCA’s Sport Performance Series – Developing speed is a comprehensive and definitive resource for any coach or athlete wishing to develop their speed capacity.

“Traditionally, many coaches and authors think of recovery in a one-dimensional way which centres on the actual training plan. Ian Jeffreys takes the concept of recovery to another level in t this exciting text. He develops and explains the 7 pillars from which to develop a life-style aimed at maximising athletic performance. Conceptually, the 7 pillars integrates the psychological and physiological needs of the athlete into a comprehensive plan that any coach or athlete can easily incorporate into their own training practices. The 7-pillars of a high performance life style expands upon the current concepts in recovery theory and give practical guidelines from which to elevate performance to optimal levels.
The Performance Lifestyle is a ground breaking text which will offer the coaching professional practical information which they can immediately integrate into their training practices”.

G Gregory Haff (Former NSCA President)

The key to any soccer conditioning program is how well it transfers to enhanced soccer performance. In this remarkable book, one of the UK’s leading soccer strength and conditioning coaches explains the scientific principles underlying the specific requirements of soccer conditioning, and then presents programs designed to address those needs. Individual chapters are devoted to each of the key fitness variables required for top soccer performance, and include: the fitness requirements of soccer, the science of soccer conditioning, assessing performance, workout preparation, speed training, agility training, strength training, power training, core training, endurance training, flexibility training, nutrition for soccer, recovery and regeneration, and putting the program together.